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Music has been a great adventure in  my life, taking me through different countries, different instruments, different styles, and all woven together with the bond of creativity, the meeting of people and the special harmony of sharing sound together.

 My father was a solo tenor, who started me singing in church when I was five.   A few years later I was encouraged to audition for the Choir School at St. Thomas, which resulted in my being in boarding school for grades 5 through 8. Music, church services, vocal training filled the days that required polished shoes, clean fingernails, gray flannel trousers and navy jackets. The Beatles burst into New York and this formal discipline part-way through my years at St. Thomas. In the rare moments of free time I acquired Beatle boots and an electric guitar, and taught myself to play every one of their songs.
Going on to prep school at Mt. Hermon, I was free to fully pursue playing in rock bands and coffee houses, majoring on the music of the 60’s and 70’s.   The band I was in produced an album entitled 'Silent Cheer'. The same year I was featured on a folk music album entitled 'Together', which I’ve discovered is a collector's item today! 
Magic college summers were spent on Cape Cod, working for a fishing company by day, and performing with a band that had the most finely tuned harmonies I’ve ever experienced. My college studies were interrupted by 2 years in England. The diverse musical experiences there included composing and recording a sound track for a film, back-up vocals and drums for an album by Arthur Brown, singing and playing drums in a musical show, and being part of a Morris Dance team that performed in the Cotswolds.
Back in the U.S., I resumed my college studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Individual Concentration, which turned out to center on learning South Indian music, and ultimately performing on the vina. A Fulbright scholarship then took me to the Conservatory of Music in Istanbul, and involved vocal training alongside the ney and the tanbur.
I subsequently pursued a doctoral degree in World Music at Wesleyan University. My combined love of playing and creating musical instruments found expression as Curator of their instrument collection.
Shortly after moving my young family to the Berkshires in music, I found myself full-circle back into contemporary Christian music, leading and training worship teams. This music is most rewarding for me when it serves as a platform for moving from previously composed songs into spontaneous worship and inspiration.
Being able to freely compose music in a studio context also lets creativity flow, and allows the diverse streams of my journey to come together. The adventure continues, and mounts ever on and ever higher…
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